Trump Questions

  • How do economics shape the feelings and thinking of the people Hochschild profiles, especially their feelings and thinking about race, immigration, welfare, and other political issues?

Economics plays a big part in the way people view and feel about race and immigration, welfare, and political issues due to the fact that they have more money they believe that they are more superior to other people because that they can buy there views. Along with spend the money in order to get what they want.

  • Do you recognize any elements of the “Deep Story of Personal Protectionism” in the Whiteness Project videos we’ve been analyzing? If so, describe and explain at least two of them, being sure to indicate who is saying what and how prevalent each element is in our spreadsheet. Are there any other “Deep Stories” at play in the Whiteness Project videos? If so, what would you call them?

The deep story of whiteness the one that relates to the deep stories is the one with the football players it relates to the article by stating that white players are known or always said to be more intelligent its like how the article said that white people are more intelligent then black.  Along with that more money you have the better off you are.

How does the gap between male lives at the top and male lives at the bottom relate to the idea (from “The Invention of Race”) that US slavery depended on a multi-class coalition of whiteness?

It relates to the invention of race in a way like the people have had to work harded if they have less money so the people at the bottom are kind of always looked down upon because they may not have had what others have. In the Invention of Race it says that people have had to work for what they want in life and so do the people at the bottom.

Bio Questions

What is cellular respiration?  Cellular respiration refers to the biochemical pathway by which cells release energy from the chemical bonds of food molecules and provide that energy for the essential processes of life.


How is cellular respiration related to what you measured in the cricket lab?

It is related because we measured the cellular respiration of crickets when we change the climates around them and see if it changes.

The end of race questions.

  1. The future of the academics is bright in there view because they have a lot of new systems in place for the kids along with all different cultures and mixed races causing the schooling to be more diverse and not like every other school. They have been basing these visions on the way that the kids are improving themselves with the way that they are challenging them.
  2.  The implications of ethnic thinking it causes you to think very one dimensional and not focus on the bigger picture they focus on one thing only and instead of being diverse about there views.
  3. why is it hard to answer the question “Exactly who is native Hawaiian?” It is so hard to answer the question due to how many different mixed families there are in Hawaii. In the reading on paragraph 40 they say that it couldn’t be found out due to the mix of Samoan or Filipino ancestors.
  4.  For race it has no basis the way that race stays around in this world is because of the people who hate other people just because of a trait or feature they have or even just they way they talk. Race is only thing due to arrogant who hate others that aren’t like him or aren’t what they like or what them to be the world is competition and everyone’s got to be better then someone so they create racism.

What would it take for there to be an end to racism?

For there to be an end to racism a lot would have to happen in this world. If they wanted it completely gone there would have to be some extreme measures put in place for instance that everyone gets treated the same no matter what and that it would have to be a crime to dislike someone based on skin color, religion or anything of that matter.  Personally I believe that it will never end because even if we resolve most of the issues around racism there will always be hidden groups who will protest or don’t believe in it, for example when they KKK was around after black and whites were given equal rights they found a way in order to make the old laws come back in a way of hurting black people in order to get there point across and what they believed in. In this world there is always going to be racism but if they wanted to wipe it out completely there would be an extreme change to everything in the world around us.

improvement plan for english

My plan to improve myself in this class would be to definitely start posting my annotations. Along with staying on time with all the pre-writings I got a little behind each of those and my Manuscript follows the academic conventions I need to spend more time on those one definitely but in reality, everything needs to be improved because being good at something isn’t what I’m striving for.  For the most part I had some big improvements on my performance but it needs to keep getting better in order to get to where I want to be. So my plan is not to settle with being ok or good at what I do. Most of the stuff I need to fix is effort based so I’ll put in more effort to what I do.  Be more careful with my writing and take my time to look it over and make sure everything’s perfect.

What makes a good scientist

Questions to answer before watching this video

  • In what ways do you see yourself as a writer? Are you a poet? A journalist? A blogger?  What style of writing is most familiar and comfortable for you?
  •  I am not really a writer, I like to write about myself and others.
  • What is your impression of scientific writing?
  •  It’s just a bunch of hypothesis and experiments in order to get one goal.

Answer this question after you watch the video

  • How do Wilson’s ideas fit with your experience or ideas about scientific writing?
  •  It makes it seem more like a long process and also very well put together and has many parts and is complicated.
  • What if anything surprised you about Wilson’s description of scientists, and their emotions and values as they fit into the process of science?
  • No does not surprise me about his description of the scientists and their emotions because they really don’t show emotion until they make a discovery.

Eagle cam

Eagle Cam Observations

Watch the live stream for at least 15 minutes per observation period.

Record start time and end time for your observations

Behavioral Terms to use in your journal

  • Sitting on the nest – up until you see the eggs. Document the number of eggs, then use the term-
    • Incubating until the eggs hatch and
    • Brooding if the bird is sitting on the chick(s) or has them under her wing
  • Nest building – the bird is tossing nest materials maybe tossing behind him/her) or picking at them and dropping them.
    • Explanation – the bird is restless and wants to be relieved by its mate. You may see the mate come back while you are watching.
  • Nest exchange – one bird comes back and the other leaves

Use your own descriptions for other activities you observe.


What I saw was that the eagle flew and there was three eggs and then when it came back it was laying on the eggs and keeping them warm. The eagle was not moving that much but it did leave once.

March 21, 2019

At 7:30 to 7:45 the eagles have done nothing besides leave the nest once and then come back nothing has changed with the babies they look to be well along with them sharing food. That’s all that happened. nothing really interesting happened.

April 2

the eagles are just chilling. they aren’t really doing much they just sleeping it looks like while the mom I think is protecting them shes moving around a little bit and being a little active.

May 1

the eagles have gotten a lot bigger and haven’t started to leave the nest still but I think they might start leaving soon.

Just wanna be average essay

Franco Abbatessa


I Just Wanna be Average Essay


Social identity can shape the way we think about our goals and dreams. When living in a unsafe neighborhood and being influenced by a culture of violence one goal is to stay alive. When growing up in a society with low expectations and a lot of nonsense happening can cause someone to just want to be average or have a normal life.  In I Just Wanna be Average, Mike Rose is a son of southern Italian immigrants who moved to southern LA in hopes of living the American Dream but they don’t get what they’d hope for. In the neighborhood where Rose grows up there’s a lot of poverty and low expectations, at first  causing Rose to have a unnatural set of priorities. In Rose’s early life he went through a lot and forced him to focus on stuff you wouldn’t normally do as a kid.

Comparing Rose to Coates there are many differences in their early life. For Rose his family they had to work with what they could just like when he says “used my mother’s engagement ring as a down payment, and moved to 9116 South Vermont Avenue, a house about one and one-half miles northwest of Watts. The neighborhood was poor, and it was in transition.” “pg. 12”  When Rose says this it shows his struggle that his family is going through right away and later on in this paragraph he says that all types of people live there like some old retired white guys, the young black people moving in from Watts, and then some immigrant Mexican families were even moving in. This states how much money his family has along with what they were working for. For Coates when he was growing up he was going through some similar stuff as Rose, just like when Coates said that sometimes he couldn’t afford to eat some nights. This shows how Coates and Rose had some similar struggles in their early lives.    Both of them had different people around them when they were growing up and different types of people to talk to and learn from. But they also had different forms of violence in their areas.   For Coates his neighborhood was much worse then Rose due to where Coates grew up. In Baltimore at his time of growing up it was very unsafe. Coates made this clear when he said “The boy with the small eyes reached into his ski jacket and pulled out a gun. I recall it in the slowest motion, as though in a dream. There the boy stood, with the gun brandished, which he slowly untucked, tucked, then untucked once more, and in his small eyes I saw a surging rage that could, in an instant, erase my body. That was 1986…” pg. 19″This means that in his neighborhood there was a lot of gun violence and gang violence. It had to have been pretty bad if they gave a little kid a gun in order to protect himself. Then in Rose’s neighborhood there was more drugs and kids doing stupid things in order to get in trouble. This is shown when Rose says “But the anger and frustration of South Vermont could prove too strong for music’s illusion; then it was violence that provided deliverance of a different order. One night I watched as a guy sprinted from Walt’s to toss something on our lawn. The police were right behind, and a cop tackled him, smashing his face into the sidewalk…..” pg. 17″This shows what would happen in Rose’s neighborhood compared to Coates if you look at the way they spoke about there neighborhoods you would know right away that Coates was a lot more harsh and violent then Rose. They both did suffer from violence in their early lives Coates just happened to be a lot worse.

The both of them have had an  encounter with the American dream and they both were wrong about it. For Rose his mother had said “it was nothing she was told” that nothing she was promised so much and none of it came true. For Coates it was when he was talking about the block parties, the barbeques, the driveways, and stuff like that. He realizes that the world is nothing like that and he was lied to. They both realize this pretty quickly causing them to view the world through there neighborhoods instead of what they make of it.

In conclusion Coates and Rose had very similar lives but in different ways they both had something that was worse than the others. But in the end they both came out on top and turned their lives around and didn’t let there social identities get the best of them. When comparing their lives they both had equally as bad times growing up but some things were better for Rose and the same for Coates. For Coates where he is living and being black was always difficult because of how everyone else was in his neighborhood because everyone was doing drugs or selling them or in gangs.  In order to turn his life around he would use a false self in order to keep himself from being shot or beat up after school and to keep the gangs away from him. For Rose he would stay distant from everyone else in order to make sure that he wouldn’t get in trouble like some of his pupils. When Rose would want to stay away from everything he would hide and do some chemistry along with studying the stars. With Rose he had to find away to stay motivated because of the people he was surrounded by a bunch of old drunk guys with no motivation. Coates and Rose both of their identities were shaped by how their society tried to force them to conform to be something they’re not.


Work Cited

Rose, Mike. “Lives on The Boundary.”  I Just Wanna Be Average, Penguin (1989): 11-37.


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I Just wanna be average question

question 1.  In his voc. class he learned a lot of things and things about his classmates. On page 27 he says “I understood and admired physical prowess, and there was an abundance of muscle here. There was Dave Snyder, a sprinter and halfback of true quality. Dave’s ability and his quick wit gave him a natural appeal…” later in the paragraph he talks about how all the kids in his class are different and what they did after school or even how they did in class. His friend Ted would always ask philosophical questions like what is courage? and does god exist?  When he was talking about Ken Harvey when he said I just wanna be average I think he meant that he just wanted to be like everyone else and get out of voc classes. But when Rose is talking about Harvey he uses pieces from Yoshino by saying on page 28 ” And all this is happening while you’re trying to shape an identity; your body is changing, and your emotions are running wild. If you’re a working-class kid in the vocational track, the options you’ll have to deal with this will be constrained in certain ways: …” he is telling us how people are finding there identities while they are trying to make there way out of high school.