The end of race questions.

  1. The future of the academics is bright in there view because they have a lot of new systems in place for the kids along with all different cultures and mixed races causing the schooling to be more diverse and not like every other school. They have been basing these visions on the way that the kids are improving themselves with the way that they are challenging them.
  2.  The implications of ethnic thinking it causes you to think very one dimensional and not focus on the bigger picture they focus on one thing only and instead of being diverse about there views.
  3. why is it hard to answer the question “Exactly who is native Hawaiian?” It is so hard to answer the question due to how many different mixed families there are in Hawaii. In the reading on paragraph 40 they say that it couldn’t be found out due to the mix of Samoan or Filipino ancestors.
  4.  For race it has no basis the way that race stays around in this world is because of the people who hate other people just because of a trait or feature they have or even just they way they talk. Race is only thing due to arrogant who hate others that aren’t like him or aren’t what they like or what them to be the world is competition and everyone’s got to be better then someone so they create racism.

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