Artifact 1

Franco Abbatessa



As a high school student at Danvers High school most people had the same habits, mindset, dedications, and approach to school. My habits in high school were that all you had to do was turn in your homework and you’ll pass no matter what. My habits were mostly based upon the rumors that went around my school such as telling me every class was so easy you can make it through without doing any work. Which wasn’t true at all.  My mindset was to always do my best because my older brother would always get straight A’s and my parents would be so proud and i would get “Franco you need to do better in this class”. My mindset was always something I had working for me because I wanted to do just as good as my brother but my best would never match his best. My GPA would never look like his even if i was in the easiest classes in my high school.  I was very dedicated to my education so i could get into college. So I could repay my mom for everything she’s done in my life so she could retire and know me and brother have her and my other brother covered. I’ve been dedicated my whole life to do great in school because of my brother. My twin brother has special needs and he would always tell my mom that he wanted to be like me so I would always do the right thing and work so hard in everything so I could set a good example for him so he would be good. He would always put on a new pair of cleats and would say “Mom just like Franco”, so i feel obligated to succeed in everything I do so he can want to be like me and strive to be a better person.   My approach was to attack everything head on so if I procrastinated I wouldn’t even get it done, so I just needed that extra push to get myself on track. I always needed that one person to get me to sit down and actually do my work. My approach was always based on whether or not I think I could do good in the class. I was not passed along my teachers were very hard graders and they would want you to pass but they would never just pass you for the sake of passing.  My freshman year I should’ve tried harder and from there on i tried my hardest and it paid off for me. My sophomore year was probably my best year and my junior year i worked so hard. I was not rewarded for my easy work it was just almost busy work like just to keep us busy cause the teachers ran out of stuff to teach.  I think this project will help you understand how all of us learned and how are schools operated. It will help you understand how all of us went through high school.