I Just wanna be average question

question 1.  In his voc. class he learned a lot of things and things about his classmates. On page 27 he says “I understood and admired physical prowess, and there was an abundance of muscle here. There was Dave Snyder, a sprinter and halfback of true quality. Dave’s ability and his quick wit gave him a natural appeal…” later in the paragraph he talks about how all the kids in his class are different and what they did after school or even how they did in class. His friend Ted would always ask philosophical questions like what is courage? and does god exist?  When he was talking about Ken Harvey when he said I just wanna be average I think he meant that he just wanted to be like everyone else and get out of voc classes. But when Rose is talking about Harvey he uses pieces from Yoshino by saying on page 28 ” And all this is happening while you’re trying to shape an identity; your body is changing, and your emotions are running wild. If you’re a working-class kid in the vocational track, the options you’ll have to deal with this will be constrained in certain ways: …” he is telling us how people are finding there identities while they are trying to make there way out of high school.

i Just wanna be average

3.) The school laws for coates are completely different then they are for rose for rose it was different because he went a catholic school and everything had to be a certain  way and if you messed up you got whipped or like in gym class he would get beat by his gym teacher with a paddle and also got thrown against a wall. As for coates he would have to worry about not getting beat up or stabbed or shot at school and if you got on someone’s bad side they would find you after school and beat you.

I just wanna be average questions

question two. When Rose is talking about his neighborhood he is stating how poor it is and when he moved in it was really sketchy.  He says “a city that was warm, verdant, vast, and indifferent as a starlet in a sports car.” He is trying to say that it’s just a bunch of people trying to live the California life style of big money, nice cars, nice cars, and everything in life. in comparison to coates life is a big difference in coates town of Baltimore it is always sketchy and has a lot of crime and its always gun violence and stuff like that and where he went had a little of it but not as much as coates.

3.  when he says that he means all that is a nice fairy tale like its a good dream to think that life is all sunshine and happiness and then he realized that the world is nothing like everyone says and when he found those people he realized the world is really messed up.