Franco Abbatessa


I think that the process of the writing and understanding ideas went well. Along with integrating other people’s ideas it went well. Using the classes ideas and ways that they viewed things helped me with better understanding the ideas that were presented. The first two projects went really well for being able to use the ideas of others because the topics were so widespread and could be interpreted in so many different ways it was easy to be able to move and play around with ideas of other people. With the identity essay i used to two pieces of someone else’s ideas in order to prove a point in my essay when talking about how hiding who you really are can hurt you and also how you should never be afraid of who you are.  When writing the identity essay after we did the discussion in class I used some of the ideas that the class came up with in so I could have some background in my paper. When we wrote the Yoshino essay i had to use his ideas and the ideas of others in order to get my paper started. When writing I started off with using the True self and False self but also using Yoshino’s words and helping make them into my own. In my essay using the ideas of others was a little difficult because it was based on a reading so we had to use the context and turn into our own words. But when we discussed it in class everything got way easier. Having discussions and being able to come up with definitions and ideas as a class helps me be better prepared to write an essay because I can actually understand what I’m writing about. Just like how when we went around the room and shared the meanings for covering and all that really helped me. Now integrating them into a paper is the hard part of forming them into the essay to make it flow without sounding choppy or like your writing a dictionary.  When i was using this process i would give myself an OK due to the fact that it isn’t easy to do without being very choppy. There are a multitude of ways to be able to use others ideas.