I just wanna be average questions

question two. When Rose is talking about his neighborhood he is stating how poor it is and when he moved in it was really sketchy.  He says “a city that was warm, verdant, vast, and indifferent as a starlet in a sports car.” He is trying to say that it’s just a bunch of people trying to live the California life style of big money, nice cars, nice cars, and everything in life. in comparison to coates life is a big difference in coates town of Baltimore it is always sketchy and has a lot of crime and its always gun violence and stuff like that and where he went had a little of it but not as much as coates.

3.  when he says that he means all that is a nice fairy tale like its a good dream to think that life is all sunshine and happiness and then he realized that the world is nothing like everyone says and when he found those people he realized the world is really messed up.

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