Civil right question

why social change movements fail (and why people persist in their ways even when they want change).

Some social movements fail due to the fact that somethings get shut down right away and the ideas of how fast someone in a position of power can stop something is incredible. Some of the start because of the social habits of friendship and the strong ties between close acquaintances. It can grow because of the habits of a community, and the weak ties that hold neighborhoods and clans together. It also endures because a movement’s leaders give participants new habits that create a fresh sense of identity and a feeling of ownership.  Most of them fail because they don’t have the same meanings and the type of stuff that was happening during Rosa Parks time. The only reason why this one worked was because the relationships she made everyone and the whole community knows that she would do anything for them and she needed them so they went to help her. So this ultimately the only one that’s successfully worked.

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