black vs white

Franco Abbatessa


How in the blackness project people would change the way they acted in order to not get shot or in trouble. This relates to Yoshino because Yoshino changed himself in order to be accepted in his society due to the fact that being gay in his society wasn’t welcomed. How the whiteness project they talked about what racism they’ve seen or even heard about and not witnessed first hand like the blackness project so how race plays into their lives is how white people have it easier then the black people is something they would agree on. These quotes are examples of how many people in the blackness project feel as though slavery in history continue to affect positions of power.  “For 200 years being told you’re not even a person maybe 2/3’s of a person and then your told well that the  tables are set against you. it’s never been a leveled playing field and that’s stupid too. Anyone who thinks the only way to get out is to put someone below me, that dismisses all of us but they. don’t know that yet.-AS.”Man slavery just damaged everything and everyone until the end of  life i feel like if anything is gonna change with the black culture god will have to come down and wipe this whole world clean and we would have to start over”.  We can see other examples of this in How professionals of color counter bias at work, for example “Mr. Denmark, who is married to Dr. Denmark, has been patted down at courthouses where white colleagues walked in without a search, he said. In his car, he hangs work badges from the rearview mirror so he will always have identification within reach.

“At times I have had to show my license to my own clients before they believed that I was the attorney working on their case,” he said. Another way of showing how in positions of power race plays a roll is how black people are treated by those in the powerful positions of jobs such as, ” Police brutality it doesn’t just happen in New York it happens all over the world as you can see once it went to social media and people had cameras and stuff we were able to see it and not just hear about it..” This helps support it because how now everyone can see the violence that the police use even when they don’t have to just because of the color of someone’s skin. As for the whiteness project people they talked about how nothing like that would happen to them and how police would treat them with respect unlike the black people.


“We look at young people today young black americans and we as older black americans say why don’t you understand the struggle. What happen what blanked it all out how could you not see how could you not have heard because it is not there struggle.”


” So when he does go to this job interview, when he goes to a certain event and he’s not picked for the color of his skin then he knows how to keep moving..”


” He’s up here and i’m down here so i obviously didn’t say anything because he’s been with the company for this many years and i’ve been with the company for this many years, i’m just a black women they’re not going to do anything about it so I said nothing.”


“Probably stereotypical thought as to why they  scared of black people from what they see from what they hear they don’t know you but they automatically assume you a certain way because of your color and your race or your neighborhood or where ever you grew up at.”


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