Race Essay

Franco Abbatessa


In the world there are people who have issues with people due to race and they show it in different ways. In order to show what they have problems with they asked people what there story is and why they think this way.   One way this is shown is in the whiteness videos we watched and stated how people felt and why.  A person who says this is Alfredo when he says “As a white person I have more freedom to kind of be who I am be who I am but with benefits from the system like college where it does benefit you to be Hispanic and be of the minority. They need that in their college or university. Which I think is a good thing.” Relating this to Yoshino he is basically saying that white people don’t need a false self and it benefits the whites because they can hide something without others knowing due to the fact that they have white skin. But the other look at it is that there are benefits to not being completely white.  Another way this is shown by Liam when he says that ” When you watch the white quarterbacks they’re always being described as so intelligent and I’ve played against white quarterbacks who are faster than 95% of the guys I’ve played against. i’ve also played against black quarterbacks who are smarter than 95% of the guys i’ve played against.”  This shows that even in the sports world there is racism. Liam is saying that white people are just assumed by others to be smarter and that the African Americans are known to be more athletic or assumed to be more athletic. But from the ending of the video he says that he’s played against white kids who are more athletic than everyone and African American kids who are smarter than everyone else on the field. From personal experiences I can say that I have witnessed this happen in sports before with a coach assuming that a kid that is darker than the other kid so the coach immediately assume he could jump higher than the other kid. It shows that sports have a big impact on racism in the world because if you look at the sports world you almost never see some positions that predominantly white in the sport of football. This relates to Yoshino because when he was being judged for being gay in his area and was scared to come out it’s like the same thing with trying to be a running back in the sport of football they won’t highly recruit you because coaches will assume that the black kid is more athletic and faster. It could create a sense of being scared of wanting to compete with other kids due to the stereotype. Even some coaches will take kids in order to raise the team gpa so that the team looks good on paper to incoming recruits so they’ll have some white kids so they can keep the gpa high.


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