What would it take for there to be an end to racism?

For there to be an end to racism a lot would have to happen in this world. If they wanted it completely gone there would have to be some extreme measures put in place for instance that everyone gets treated the same no matter what and that it would have to be a crime to dislike someone based on skin color, religion or anything of that matter.  Personally I believe that it will never end because even if we resolve most of the issues around racism there will always be hidden groups who will protest or don’t believe in it, for example when they KKK was around after black and whites were given equal rights they found a way in order to make the old laws come back in a way of hurting black people in order to get there point across and what they believed in. In this world there is always going to be racism but if they wanted to wipe it out completely there would be an extreme change to everything in the world around us.

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