What makes a good scientist

Questions to answer before watching this video

  • In what ways do you see yourself as a writer? Are you a poet? A journalist? A blogger?  What style of writing is most familiar and comfortable for you?
  •  I am not really a writer, I like to write about myself and others.
  • What is your impression of scientific writing?
  •  It’s just a bunch of hypothesis and experiments in order to get one goal.

Answer this question after you watch the video

  • How do Wilson’s ideas fit with your experience or ideas about scientific writing?
  •  It makes it seem more like a long process and also very well put together and has many parts and is complicated.
  • What if anything surprised you about Wilson’s description of scientists, and their emotions and values as they fit into the process of science?
  • No does not surprise me about his description of the scientists and their emotions because they really don’t show emotion until they make a discovery.

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