Eagle cam

Eagle Cam Observations

Watch the live stream for at least 15 minutes per observation period.

Record start time and end time for your observations

Behavioral Terms to use in your journal

  • Sitting on the nest – up until you see the eggs. Document the number of eggs, then use the term-
    • Incubating until the eggs hatch and
    • Brooding if the bird is sitting on the chick(s) or has them under her wing
  • Nest building – the bird is tossing nest materials maybe tossing behind him/her) or picking at them and dropping them.
    • Explanation – the bird is restless and wants to be relieved by its mate. You may see the mate come back while you are watching.
  • Nest exchange – one bird comes back and the other leaves

Use your own descriptions for other activities you observe.


What I saw was that the eagle flew and there was three eggs and then when it came back it was laying on the eggs and keeping them warm. The eagle was not moving that much but it did leave once.

March 21, 2019

At 7:30 to 7:45 the eagles have done nothing besides leave the nest once and then come back nothing has changed with the babies they look to be well along with them sharing food. That’s all that happened. nothing really interesting happened.

April 2

the eagles are just chilling. they aren’t really doing much they just sleeping it looks like while the mom I think is protecting them shes moving around a little bit and being a little active.

May 1

the eagles have gotten a lot bigger and haven’t started to leave the nest still but I think they might start leaving soon.

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