writing process reflection

Franco Abbatessa


Writing process reflection

In the writing process I feel comfortable using the techniques I was taught. The process i use for most of my writing is for the part of it when using a reading to write I usually find my quotes that match the essential questions being asked to make sure I follow the prompt. When copying down the quotes using the correct way to put them in the writing. Once the quotes are in place I explain what the quotes mean to me or in the way that the writer wants it to mean. Then go back and make sure the paragraph flows into the quote to make sure the background information is there in order to make sure the reader has enough to understand what the writer was talking about in the reading.  To write my introduction I like to start most essays with a question to create a hook for the reader to be more interested in the essay and want to read more. For most of my introductions I like to base some of my ideas of the form of the intro. When writing I follow TRIAC for the most part when looking at the essays. Usually the form of claim, evidence, and interpretation is how I used to write which wasn’t enough for the essays in college so using TRIAC helps me form a lot better writing. When following TRIAC the one problem I had was making everything flow well and not have a well structure form of transitions. So my essay would come out to choppy and sound not well written at all. When writing the yoshino essay I just wanted to put together my ideas before the actual structure of the essay and that wasn’t a good idea because i started mixing ideas together and it got hard to make out ideas and which quote went with what quote. So on the second revision I focused mostly on rearranging the essay to put everything into the right spots. When all that was done i went to sasc to actually finalize my essay and make sure everything was where it should be. When writing the conclusion I base it off of my introduction. So i take the ideas or questions I had in the beginning or the questions I asked and either restate them or just explain how I answered them.


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