paradigm essay

With the way that Yoshino says that ” it is much more sympathetic to “liberty” claims about freedoms we all hold than to “equality” claims asserted by a subset of the population. It is easy to see why. Equality claims- such as group based accommodation claims- inevitably involve the Court in picking favorites among groups.” Yoshino believes that the equality paradigm is better due to the fact that it allows him to show his true self and also being able to show it in public without being judged. “ In practice, I expect the liberty paradigm to protect the authentic self better than the equality paradigm. While it need not to do so, the equality paradigm is prone to essentializing the identities it protects. Under an equality paradigm , if a women who wore a lot of makeup were protected by a court because makeup is an “essential” part of being a women, this could reinforce the stereotype that women wear makeup. But if the same women were given the liberty right to elaborate her own gender identity in ways that did not impinge on her job performance, she would be protected from demands to be either more “masculine” or more ” feminine.” The way that Yoshino is stating that the way that you can get a judged with the way that society is making you conform into certain things thus making it hard to be able to be a women and not wear makeup because the way that society judges women if they don’t. So the equality paradigm isĀ  a better fit because then everyone can live in peace.

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