journal 4

Franco Abbatessa


Unexpected Event


It was a mildly cold Friday night under the lights Morse field or Dr. Deering stadium in Danvers, Ma. The stands were full and there was not a seat to be found. My team and I were ready to play the ball was kicked off at 7pm. The whole game was back and forth and then tied at half time against our rivals Gloucester fisherman. Going into the second half we got the ball back and started driving down the field and we scored to take the lead. The game was very one sided after that we were all saying that the thanksgiving day trophy is finally coming back to where it belongs. Then the unexpected happened to me, it was the fourth quarter and the fisherman were driving down the field and they were going to score to at least get a chance at coming back to win the game. The ball was on the 40 yard line and they were driving with full momentum on there side and we were for sure that they would score. The play they ran was there go too or bread and butter so to speak. The ball was snapped and I got out of my stance and broke through the line and went to tackle the running back when I had the lead blocker or the full back put his helmet right in the side of my knee and causing it to bend the opposite way of my body. That had to be the most painful thing of my life I got carried off the field y my teammates and onto the bench and I left the game not being able to celebrate the victory with my team or my family because I needed to get knee looked at. I had stretched and partially torn my ACL,PCL, and MCL all in one unexpected play in football.