journal 16

When Gwande states that “Yale hired a head coach; Harvard did not. The results? Over the next three decades, Harvard won just four times. Harvard hired a coach.” I can relate to this because it corresponds with how I work or how I understand stuff in class and how I do with Mr. Drown. From a coaching standpoint when you are coached you can understand things a lot better then when you are in a class setting and the teacher is talking to everyone and not just you.  When I am in class it is hard to understand but with Eric I understand a lot better.


The difference between a good coach and a bad coach is that bad coaches don’t actually tell you what you did wrong or are doing wrong they will just yell and scream and maybe take you out. A good coach will tell you what you did wrong and how to fix it, yes they may still yell but at least they are letting you know how to fix what you did. Gwande shows this as to when he hires his old retired professor to watch one of his surgeries and to correct him and he points out the little stuff that he did wrong that people often miss. Just like Eric did with my Pollan essay.


Gwande states that “coaching helped them learn to execute on the fundamentals. And you could see it here”. Being coached helps people notice minor mistakes that we think aren’t a big deal but in reality are big deals. I have been coached in this way like when I was with Eric when we went back to when reading pollan and highlighted the text because it was a skill I was not using. It helped a lot having Eric.